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Move Your Proofing and Product Sales To The Cloud!
Professional photography is an exciting field, an opportunity to create art that touches people's lives, preserves memories, and provides a living in the process. Too often, though, photographers find they spend more time managing their business than plying their art.

Elegant Galleries is more than just an online gallery system; it streamlines your workflow from proofing to order fulfillment to marketing to customer relationship management. Spend less time muddling through event management and more time doing what you do best: capturing memories!

The Proof
Don't take our word for it. View a sample event to see what you could be offering your clients, and for a fraction of the cost of many other e-proofing providers.

Feature Comparison
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 Lab Prints  
 Leading Competitor  
Friends and Family Access [?]
Favorite Folders [?]
Personalized Automated Mailings [?]
Personalized Automated Specials [?]
Visitor Level Traffic Reporting [?]
Multiple Pricelists [?]
Photographer Defined Packages [?]
Integrated CRM [?]
High Quality Display Images [?]
Integrated Client Blog [?]
Registry Links [?]
Turn-By-Turn Directions [?]
Image Commenting [?]
Photographer Profile [?]
Digital Download Product [?]
Tag Based Organization [?]
Key Based Private Access [?]
Customer Controlled Cropping [?]
Slideshow Viewing Mode [?]
Picasa Integration [?]
Filename/EXIF Parsing [?]
Pure DHTML Interface [?]
Event Calendar/Planner [?]
Cost Per Wedding**: $43.47 $61.33 $50.53 $43.66 $55.00
Cost Per Studio Session**: $5.33 $7.98 $7.83 $5.50 $8.10
Part-Time Portrait Session**: $6.56 $23.83 $13.03 $16.00 $17.50

Pricing comparisons based upon:
Sessions per Month Photos per Session Photo Size Print Sales per Session
Wedding: 3 1000 5 MB $300.00
Studio: 50 75 5 MB $50.00
Part-Time: 3 75 5 MB $50.00

* Comparisons based on publically available information as of March 2013.

** Pricing comparisons include commission, upload fees, storage fees, and amortized monthly fees assuming events are released as full service for 3 months. Service cost only; Lab fees excluded.


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